Jersey Shore Vacationing Blog

on January 15, 2012

The Jersey shore is a beautiful place. There are so many amazing sights to see. I found and even captured some of these images that will take your breath away.

These images were all taken on my camera…

First, the sunsets.

An early sunset by a dock glistens in the water.

Here is a very cloudy, soft sunset.

Here is a dark, ominous sunset.

And yet another sunset that also reflects on the water.

Now for Barnegat Light.

Barnegat Light is a historic attraction that is currently open for touring.

A wider-set image shows Barnegat Light standing tall over the island.

Here are some beach pictures…

A gorgeous winding walkway leads the ocean.

A wooden fence adds a beach-like feel to the walk there.



These are all pictures found off of the internet…

Yet another sunset on the water pokes through the grass at LBI.


A wave crashes as the beach gets dark at Normandy.


Sand dunes in Ortley Beach, NJ are a pretty thing to look at.


A quiet beach is decorated with palm trees at Point Pleasant.


Here is a picture taken from the boardwalk at Seaside with the theme park in the background.


The beach gets dark at Silver Beach, where I vacationed last year.


Another fence and ocean picture that includes a sign that adds to the beachy atmosphere in Chadwick Beach.


Birds desperately try to pick at any food they can find before the next wave comes in at Stone Harbor.


Here is a picture of the beautiful blue waters at Cape May, as well as a decorative blue boat.


These were most of the popular beaches I knew, sorry if I didn’t include any of your favorite places! All of the internet pictures were found on Google Images.


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