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Don’t let the jellyfish scare you!

on January 13, 2012

Anyone who has recently been to the bay side of the Jersey Shore has noticed that something has changed in the water- jellyfish. These tiny stingers are all over the bay, especially in the month of August. I’m not exaggerating. One can simply look over the ledge and into the water and easily see one or two floating at the surface within seconds. Many people with houses and docks located on the lagoon have been disturbed by these little devils. However, all though these guys do sting and pack a punch, they are easy to deal with.

I personally have spent a lot of time with the jellies over these past few summers, and it’s not as bad as it looks. The first way to deal with them: don’t go in the water! If you really can’t handle being stung or touched by them, don’t bother. You will get stung. Just experience the ocean on the East side of the island. If you have to stay on the bayside due to the rental of a house on that location, there are rental areas for boats and rafts. If you choose that options, go boating farther out into deeper water, because there are less jellies out there.

Now for the final option: if you do get stung. If you were brave enough to get in the water with them, and of course get stung, there is always a treatment. This may sound ridiculous, but Windex gets rid of the sting. And no, I did not get this from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I tried it out myself down in Normandy Beach. Something in it worked. So, if you do end up in that situation, try it out! And if you don’t believe me, fine. Deal with the sting. Either that or you can try another form of ammonia. Ammonia is in human urine. You can do the math.

I hope this post helps you this coming summer in 2012. Good luck!


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