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The Jersey shore is a beautiful place. There are so many amazing sights to see. I found and even captured some of these images that will take your breath away.

These images were all taken on my camera…

First, the sunsets.

An early sunset by a dock glistens in the water.

Here is a very cloudy, soft sunset.

Here is a dark, ominous sunset.

And yet another sunset that also reflects on the water.

Now for Barnegat Light.

Barnegat Light is a historic attraction that is currently open for touring.

A wider-set image shows Barnegat Light standing tall over the island.

Here are some beach pictures…

A gorgeous winding walkway leads the ocean.

A wooden fence adds a beach-like feel to the walk there.



These are all pictures found off of the internet…

Yet another sunset on the water pokes through the grass at LBI.


A wave crashes as the beach gets dark at Normandy.


Sand dunes in Ortley Beach, NJ are a pretty thing to look at.


A quiet beach is decorated with palm trees at Point Pleasant.


Here is a picture taken from the boardwalk at Seaside with the theme park in the background.


The beach gets dark at Silver Beach, where I vacationed last year.


Another fence and ocean picture that includes a sign that adds to the beachy atmosphere in Chadwick Beach.


Birds desperately try to pick at any food they can find before the next wave comes in at Stone Harbor.


Here is a picture of the beautiful blue waters at Cape May, as well as a decorative blue boat.


These were most of the popular beaches I knew, sorry if I didn’t include any of your favorite places! All of the internet pictures were found on Google Images.

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Don’t let the jellyfish scare you!

Anyone who has recently been to the bay side of the Jersey Shore has noticed that something has changed in the water- jellyfish. These tiny stingers are all over the bay, especially in the month of August. I’m not exaggerating. One can simply look over the ledge and into the water and easily see one or two floating at the surface within seconds. Many people with houses and docks located on the lagoon have been disturbed by these little devils. However, all though these guys do sting and pack a punch, they are easy to deal with.

I personally have spent a lot of time with the jellies over these past few summers, and it’s not as bad as it looks. The first way to deal with them: don’t go in the water! If you really can’t handle being stung or touched by them, don’t bother. You will get stung. Just experience the ocean on the East side of the island. If you have to stay on the bayside due to the rental of a house on that location, there are rental areas for boats and rafts. If you choose that options, go boating farther out into deeper water, because there are less jellies out there.

Now for the final option: if you do get stung. If you were brave enough to get in the water with them, and of course get stung, there is always a treatment. This may sound ridiculous, but Windex gets rid of the sting. And no, I did not get this from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I tried it out myself down in Normandy Beach. Something in it worked. So, if you do end up in that situation, try it out! And if you don’t believe me, fine. Deal with the sting. Either that or you can try another form of ammonia. Ammonia is in human urine. You can do the math.

I hope this post helps you this coming summer in 2012. Good luck!

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Take Your Children to Long Beach Island!

LBI is one of the most family-oriented beaches I have ever been to. Have kids? Visit these attractions located all over LBI! These are my top 5 places to take your kids.

1. One of the best places to take your kids is an amusement park, and this one opens every night in Beach Haven. This park has rides, games, ice cream, and a show. As a kid I would always love to come to Beach Haven, just to see the top of the Ferris wheel lit over the buildings.

Fantasy Island, lit up and in action every summer night.


2. The next place that is a perfect spot to take your kids is Thundering surf water park. Thundering surf has giant water slides, squirt gun fights, a lazy river, a giant water bucket that tips every now and then, places to eat, and even a kiddie area for the smallest kids. This was yet another reason I loved to come to Beach Haven.

This is the thundering surf logo, displayed outside of the building.

This is the first building people walk into when entering the water park, also when going into the golf course. It doubles as an ice cream parlor.Here is the view of the water slides from far away!

The wet endings of eight huge water slides.

The view of the park from far away.

The giant bucket occasionally spills on guests, very fun to be under!

The kiddie area!The "Lazy Crazy River"...


3. Although this one is actually part of the track, I had to make it separate, because it is a new addition, and it is just too cool. I neverĀ  actually got to go on this, but I hope I can in the future. This is the new “Flow House” addition to the water park that gives you a feeling of surfing on a real wave… except for the fact that you can’t get hurt, it’s perfect, and it doesn’t stop. Your friends can even watch you on the sides while you perfectly balance on the board… or wipe out and fall on your face. Either way, it’s worth it.

A person concentrates on staying up while others watch...


4. The next place out of my top 5 is the adventure golf course. I’m not sure whether this was a separate area and thundering surf bought it or they always had it, even though I’m pretty sure they always did. Anyway, this is a separate topic, because it is a completely separate activity. I loved to golf with my family as a kid and I have very good memories there. The two 18-hole courses are newly renovated, with beautiful landscaping. It was even voted “Best Golf Course in NJ” by a few magazines. Take your family there to see why!

People enjoying themselves on the beautiful course!


The gorgeous waterfall overlooking the course

5. Finally, the last stop you should take your kids is Barnegat Lighthouse. It is a beautiful spot which you can enter and look at through the top windows. It isn’t located in Beach Haven, actually, it’s in Barnegat Light! It is a historical attraction as well as beautiful. I never got to tour it, but I advise anyone near it to. By the way, you should also get a puzzle of it. That is also another enjayable activity to do with children at home. The lighthouse costs $1 to climb. The lighthouse is open every day from April 1 through October 31, 9 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. Don’t climb it if you can’t handle 217 steps!

Barnegat light is a historic and fun attraction.


The bird's eye view of the lighthouse from the sky, looking down on the beach.


Just a few of the many steps to the top...

~All images came from Google images and web pages about them.

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